Excavator TATA EX 60

Excavator TATA EX 60


Model TATA – 497 NA
Type Water – cooled, 4 – cycle
Rated horsepower 58 PS @ 2100 rpm
Max torque 19 kgf.m @ 1400 rpm
Batteries 12v

Hydraulic System

Optimum Hydraulic System (OHS) for efficiency and smooth combined operations. Suction filters in suctions line and 10Pm High BETA filters in return line.

Flow pumps 2 variable displacement axial piston pumps
Flow rate 2 x 65 Ipm
Pilot pump 1 gear pump
Flow rate 21.41pm

Relief Valve Setting

Implement Circuit 270 kgf/cm
Swing Circuit 265 kgf/cm
Travel Circuit 280 kgf/cm
Pilot Circuit 35 kgf/cm

Service Refill Capacity

Hydraulic tank 42.0 L
Hydraulic system 90.0 L
Fuel tank 135.0 L
Engine coolant 15.5 L
Engine oil 10.0 L
Swing machanism 1.8 L
Travel device (Each side) 3.0 L

Weights and Ground Pressure

Operating weight with dozer blade 7220 kg
Operating weight without dozer blade 6820 kg
Ground pressure – 0.32 kg/cm


Capacity Width with side Cutters Width without Cutters Weight
No. of tooth points
0.32m 826mm 736mm 205kg 4(gp)
0.30m 750mm 660mm 200kg 4(gp)
0.25m —- 570mm 231kg 3(HD)
0.10m —- 360mm 170kg 2(Narrow)



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