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Diesel Generators – Overview

Growing Use of Rental Power:
  • Are you setting up a new enterprise and the sanction of grid power for construction activities takes time? We have the solution of rental power generators, as temporary stopgap arrangement to speed up construction activities and the timely completion of your projects. Many businesses are re-evaluating their plans and procedures for business continuity in the event of major power shortfalls. Our emergency power solutions come into rescue, to fulfil your production load by adding more power to the existing sanctioned capacity.
  • Your organisation may be growing, and you need to have a contingency-plan whereby your requirements for temporary power during periods of high-demand are met with a back-up facility. Your business needs to determine when the high-demand periods are for power in your area and we provide temporary power during these periods.
  • The critical nature of a Process Industry requires Stand by power Generators that no chances are taken for sudden grid power failure during the course of any operation process. Planning for such a scenario is like an insurance policy to prevent any business impact and loss of goodwill.
  • Save on Capital Costs with a negotiated long-term rental to back up a manufacturing operation in the event of:
    • a) Seasonal Requirement of additional power
    • b) A large order to be executed and the need for additional power. Would you like to outsource your
Identifying Power Rental Solutions:

There are many reasons why it is important to investigate and establish a relationship with a source for rental power. From planned businesses including special events and building expansions to unexpected power outages, having a temporary power plan in place is crucial to ensuring the power you need is there when you need it.

The final component of evaluating a source for rental power comes in an internal examination of logistics and assessment of correct power capacity requirement. Evaluation of commissioning and distribution of power systems are vital to avoid wastage of resources. Over-or under-estimating power needs may result in unnecessary equipment or, even more serious, an inadequate power solution.

We have the solutions you are looking for:
Product Offerings:
  • Our product range includes Gen. Sets ranging from 30 to 1500 KVA