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The used diesel generators are bought to the BANK only after a preliminary inspection is done by our technical personnel, thus creating an impartial and balanced bargain that would add value on both sides. When there is no way to invest high capitals in developing a large fleet, when we offer the best diesel generatorsat a reasonable price.

When you buy used DG Sets from Nityanand, regardless of the option you select, you can be rest assured that the equipment has been thoroughly inspected, expertly repaired and is often backed by extended coverage options.

Our company even rents out the usedDG sets. With such an extensive service offering one can find an immense deal on used generators to rent, or buy out-right. We are also in the process of offering a b2b online portal, where one can put up for sale, their used construction equipment to buyers and bidders throughout the world.

After the highest levels of testing of Generators, they are certified “Used Diesel Generators”. We specialize in finding units in stock for you quickly and at a great price. Multiple matching units, large sizes, specially equipped units are no problem for us. You need it and we will do the best we can to find it for you and negotiate a fair price. You will find these available only after we assure you that:

category A thorough inspection using the latest technology is conducted.
category Unmatched knowledge of Construction equipment.
category Unbeatable service and product support.
category Extended coverage options available.
category Machine maintenance history.

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