Diesel Generator Sets Terms and Conditions
Hire-Lease-Rental Diesel Generator Sets Terms and Conditions

Diesel Generators Hire/Lease GENERAL TERMS & CONDITIONS

category 1. “M/s. Nityanand Infrastructure Ltd.” herewith after Refers to as the “OWNER”.
     M/s (Party who hire the D.G Set) refer as the “Hirer”. 

category 2. OPERATIONS: The D. G. Set shall be installed at Hirer's work site / Factory by the operators of the Owner and shall be operated by the operators of  the owner and the operators or workman of hirer shall not operate the same.

category 3. MINIMUM RENTAL CHARGES: Minimum one month rental charges will be chargeable from the date the unit is released from our workshop till it  reaches the workshop, except breakdown period.

category 4. FUEL & LUBRICANTS: Required for running the D. G. Set and topping & changing periodically (After 200 to 250 hours) shall be provided by the  Hirer at his own cost, as and when requested by the Operators of the Owner at the work site, and the Hirer alone shall be responsible and liable for  non-operation of D. G. Set due to non-supply or delay in supply of fuel or lubricants.

category 5. BREAKDOWN RISK: The Owner shall make necessary arrangement for Repairing / Replacing the D. G. Set after receiving the written intimation of  breakdown from the Hirer and at the earliest taking minimum time necessary for Repairing / Replacing. No charges shall be charged for the period  of Breakdown.

category 6. BILL PAYMENT: The Hirer shall pay the bills submitted by Owner immediately on presentation thereof, without any deductions, and in the event of  any delay in payment, the Owner shall be entitled to remove the D. G. Set without recourse to Hirer. In the event of any dispute regarding amount  of bill, the same shall be taken up and settled at the time of expiry of hire contract period.

category 7. TAXES & OTHER LIABILITIES: If any taxes including service tax and other taxes, Octroi , permission, fines & liabilities from the Central OR State Authority for running the Unit at your site  will be arranged and payable by the Hirer.

category 8. TEMPORARY SHED & SAFE CUSTODY: You will have to provide shed for the unit to protect from rain theft and dust.

category 9. CABLE CONNECTIONS: We will provide Cable Connection up to our Panel Board & from Panel Board onward will be arranged by the Hirer.

category 10. INSTALLATION & COMMISSIONING: The D.G.Set is skid mounted with Anti Vibration Mounting Pads however required RCC or PCC for installation to be  provided by the hirer at your cost.

category 11. LOADING & UNLOADING: Loading, unloading, Tools and Tackles at site for commissioning Transit Insurance, Octroi if any etc., will be arranged & paid  by the Hirer.

category 12. ACCOMMODATION FOR OPERATORS: shall be provided by the Hirer free of cost at or near the work site and shall be of suitable and acceptable to Owner’s  Operators.

category 13. ENTRY/GATE PASS: The Hirer shall arrange the required Gate / Entry passes for operating crew & D. G. Set for day-to-day operations.

category 14. THE DG SET: given on hire shall always belong to the Owner and the Owner shall always have the custody and possession of the D. G. Set.

category 15. Any dispute subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction.