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“I have always acted on the principle: Rather lose money than confidence of the customers.”

                                                                               - Robert Bosh



category Menu driven computerized sequence software for calibrating fuel injection pumps automatically.
category High precision electronic measuring device to avoid human errors.
category BOSCH ESI tronic software Support to handle all types of BOSCH fuel injection systems in the world.
category System generated test report in printed form available to customers for reference.
category Air conditioned, Dust Proof workshop with separate waiting lounge.
category Workshop equipped with all special tools.
category Test bench is flexible and can be used to test/investigate all types of BOSCH Fuel Injection pumps consisting     CRDi systems, VE with Mech./EDC, Inline (‘P’ Type, ‘M’ & ‘MW’) Type pumps.
category Workshop fully covered with CCTV Cameras.
category First Bosch workshop in the country to go online for customer servicing i.e. providing service Back-up involving     Pick-up & delivery of pumps / auto electrical products at customer end based on request by them as premium     service.
category Auto electrical Test Bench three Phase to test 12/24 Volt Startor motor & Charging Alternator.


category Facility to calibrate all types of (inline/ rotary/CRDi/Unit/PT) pumps in-house.
category Well trained manpower to provide excellent service round the clock
category Dedicated 24 x 7 SERVICE HELPLINE No. + (91) - 9773577777.
category Warranty provided for all MICO BOSCH products.
category Committed service Back-up to all the OEM’S for their warranty needs.
category Online service support for (pick-up & delivery /technical problems) faced by customer on pumps.
category Genset back-up for uninterrupted power supply.
category Special discounts on targets achievement.
category Late hour delivery period & open on all seven days.
category Collection point based in major locations of Mumbai metropolitan region (South Mumbai/Western suburbs
    /Raigad Dist.)

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